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CPD Courses for English Language Teachers

In addition to our flagship TDCI course, we have developed a selection of courses specifically designed for English language teaching professionals. Our goal is to equip fellow teachers and trainers with additional skills and knowledge that will enhance their current repertoire of skills in the field of teaching English as a foreign language. You may be a freelance individual, employed in a language school, a university or any other form of educational or learning & development institution; you may be the boss, the DoS or the course leader looking for options to provide valuable CPD for your team. Whatever your motivation, we have striven to produce courses of the highest quality that offer a cost effective and practical route to personal and professional development. 

To apply for any of our additional courses, click here to download the application form.

Certificate in 5S Concept for Trainers

Certificate in Gamification of Learning

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Certificate in Instructional Design

Certificate in KPI Usage for Business English Trainers

Certificate in Teaching Mediation Skills

Certificate in Training Innovation

Proposal Writing for Freelance Trainers

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