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Certificate in Instructional Design

Certificate in Instructional Design

Instructional Design is all about taking a systematic and structured approach to learning and development; it involves management of all stages of the development process not simply delivery of prescribed content and material. This self-directed course will allow those studying it to make the transition from teacher or trainer to Instructional Designer able to analyse needs, set bespoke objectives and outcomes, develop material and tasks, implement engaging and motivational training and, finally, to measure outcomes of development.

Learning Hours

12 hours.

Course Objectives

1. To understand and be able to apply the key principles and stages of Instructional Design.
2. To be better able to apply a range of methodologies to analyse learner needs.
3. To be able to set developmental goals, objectives and outcomes linked to needs.
4. To know how to manage and implement a range of training tasks and deliver training in an engaging way.
5. To be able to measure and evaluate the outcomes of learning and development.

Who Should Study the Certificate in Instructional Design?

Our Certificate in Instructional Design is suitable for anyone who is interested in or needs to manage all stages of the learning and development cycle in order to create and deliver impactful tailor-made training. This might include teachers, trainers on intensive courses, T&D professionals, HR professionals and anyone who has responsibility for development of others such as a manager who is a Subject Matter Expert (SME) but who needs to deliver development in a way that is inspiring and interactive and is not “lecturing” a group.

Course Content

The course has the following content:
• The value of development, forms of development and barriers to development
• Defining “Instructional Design”, who needs knowledge of it and what it entails
• Models for Instructional Design (including ADDIE, ASSURE and others)
• Needs analysis meaning, purpose and methods
• Differentiating between and setting goals, objectives and outcomes
• Using and developing materials
• Task types for engaging delivery of development
• Structuring training delivery
• Changing knowledge and skills into training tasks and planning for delivery
• Evaluating outcomes of development and using evaluation models


Participants complete an end-of-course assignment for assessment. This will allow participants on the programme to demonstrate their competences and ability to manage all stages of the Instructional Design process.


£119 (GBP) / €139 (EUR) including course materials, assessment and certification.

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