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Once your application is accepted and you are registered for the course upon settlement of due tuition fees, you will be sent the first study units (units 1 to 5)

For each unit, you should work your way through the materials and send us your post-unit tasks by e-mail. You will receive feedback on these tasks from one of our trainers.


Once you have finished the tasks for units 1 to 5, you will be sent units 5 to 10.


There are 40 units to complete in total covering around 50 to 60 hours of work and study. You have two years in total to complete all 40 units.


The course will be assessed by a final assignment that is set by English UK and sent to you once you have completed the 40 units of the course. You have 12 weeks in which to complete your assignment after finishing all units. Read about the assessed assignment here.


You also have the opportunity to attend two virtual tutorials with one or both of our trainers.

Working from Home
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