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IATEFL 2023 Conference - Ben Thoughts on Laura Ferroglio's Talk on Teacher Emotion

Laura began her talk with a poll on asking the audience for two emotions they feel most often as teachers.

Her talk then continued with an interesting point: that there is a wealth of consideration given to as well as research about learner emotions but very little given to the emotions of teachers.

Emotions, as Laura said, help us to make sense of the world and are worth considering as, if we know what we feel, we can do something about it.

Laura highlighted the significant amount of "emotional labour" put in by teachers. This is defined as the process of managing feelings in order to do your job. This includes:

- Perceived emotions

- How we act

- Displaying inauthentic emotions

- Expected emotions

- Deep acting

- Accepting

Laura then went through a range of research on the subject.

The results of Laura's survey can be viewed in the word cloud below:

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