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Certificate in Gamification of Learning

Certificate in Gamification of Learning

Gamification is about the positive, motivational use of gameplay elements in non-game contexts including training, marketing and more. Gamification has wide-ranging implications for education, learning and development. This self-directed course will allow those studying it to develop their capabilities in using gamification for engaging, memorable and meaningful training and learning.

Learning Hours

12 hours.

Course Objectives

1. To understand what gamification is and the essential elements of a game that can be utilised in development.
2. To be able to design and use games and gamified tasks that are both enjoyable and have an essential learning purpose.
3. To know how to manage all stages of the gamification process and to know how and when a trainer can gamify tasks and learning.
4. To understand the advantages and disadvantages of gamification.
5. To consider what role technology can play in gamification.

Who Should Study the Certificate in Gamification of Learning?

The course will appeal to English language teachers and Business English trainers who are interested in using gamification in their training.

Course Content

The course has the following content:
• Understanding games and game elements
• What gamification is
• When and why to gamify tasks
• The guiding principles of gamification
• Gamification and motivation
• Stages of gamification
• How to gamify tasks
• Pros and cons of gamification
• Gamification and technology
• Examples and case studies of gamification


The course is assessed by a short assignment involving preparation of a training session that utilises gamification.


£119 (GBP) / €139 (EUR) including course materials, assessment and certification.

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