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Leadership Team

Co-founders and directors of Cert Distance Ltd, Michelle and Ben also provide learning mentorship for all TDCI participants.

TDCI Associates & Learning Mentors

We are very happy to have Kirsten and Dylan joining us as TDCI associates. They bring with them a wealth of experience from the fields of English language teaching, in-company training, university instruction and applied linguistics.

Kirsten will be delivering a new CPD course she has developed entitled: Teaching English for Accounting - coming soon!

Dylan is joining us as a learning mentor alongside Michelle and Ben, and will be accompanying new TDCI participants throughout their course of study.

Kirsten has many year's experience in BE teaching and training. She is active in the IATEFL BESIG group and works as an advisor to colleagues and EL learners alike. You can read more about Kirsten in her LinkedIn profile.

Kirsten wrote The beautiful game: English for football ... or soccer in 2021. She co-authored an eBook in 2017 with Phil Wade, Prepping Clients for Financial  Reporting

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As a TDCI graduate himself, and with year's of teaching and assessment experience, Dylan is an ideal person to join as a TDCI learning mentor. He will accompany new TDCI participants through the entirety of the course, providing personalised feedback and coaching.

In 2013, Dylan wrote A Short Guide to TEFL: All about Teaching English as a Foreign Language. It is available over Kindle on Amazon.

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Testimonials from TDCI Graduates

We have mentored and coached a wonderful group of TDCI participants, committed to self-regulated learning and professional development.

Read what some have said in the slide deck here.

If you want to find out more about the TDCI and how it can enhance your teaching / training career, visit the Alumni page to see which of our graduates you might want to contact directly.

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