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Units & Content

Units on the Distance Cert IBET are individual, bite-sized chunks that will take you between 30 and 120 minutes to complete. Overall, you will study 40 units that total around 50 hours of input and self-directed work.

The Units - listed below - are sent to you in blocks of 5 units at a time.

1. What is Business English?

2. The World of Business (organisations, sectors and roles)

3. Teachers and Learners (including motivation)

4. Lesson Planning

5. Teaching Grammar

6. Understanding Marketing

7. Presentations  

8. ELT Approaches

9. Published Resources, Text Books, Authentic Material and Making Your Own

10. Needs Analysis, Objectives, Outcomes, Levels and Course Proposals

11. Human Resources

12. Training Meetings

13. Speaking, Roleplays and Simulations

14. Teaching Vocabulary and Lexis (including idioms)

15. Listening in Business English and using audio and video

16. Business English and ESP

17. Training Negotiations

18. Understanding Finance

19. Reading in Business English

20. Analytical Tools


Espresso and Cookies

21. Using Case Studies in Business English Training

22. Telephoning and Conference Calls

23. Using Technology and Blended Learning

24. Teaching Large Groups

25. Teaching Interviewing

26. Writing 1 – E-mailing and Shorter Texts

27. Intercultural Communication

28. Teaching In-company

29. Training Interpersonal Skills

30. Projects and Tasks in Training

31. Business English, EAP and ESAP

32. Writing 2 - Longer Texts

33. Training Socialising and Networking

34. Teaching One-to-one

35. Coaching

36. Teaching for Exams

37. Understanding Leadership and Teams

38. Assessment, Testing and Feedback

39. Teaching Virtually

40. Going Freelance, Presenting at Conferences, Professional Development and Writing for Publication

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