You will pay two fees for the course:

       (for moderation of assignment and certificate issue) - currently set at €175

Both fees cover the whole of the course and assessment of assignments.

Fees are payable upon acceptance of your application.



Your registration is valid for two years from the time you begin the course (the date the first units of the course are sent to you). This includes the time to complete your end-of-course assignment.

You will complete the following work:

  • All 40 pre-unit tasks (not to be submitted)

  • All unit notes

  • All 40 end-of-unit assignments (submitted to tutor)

  • The required Cert IBET assignment for submission to English UK / LanguageCert

You will also be able to attend two one-to-one tutorials with one of the course tutors at agreed times and intervals.

Assignments and Marking:

Your assignment will be marked by the course tutors using objective criteria issued by English UK and LanguageCert.

If we do not believe the assignment will meet or exceed the standards set by English UK and LanguageCert, we will refer the assignment back to you with feedback. We can allow two additional chances to resubmit.

In the rare event that an assignment is sent for moderation and the tutor's assessment differs from that of the moderator (i.e. tutor believes the assignment is a "pass" while the moderator states "refer"), an additional fee may be payable to cover the work done by the moderator.

Course Materials:

Course materials are provided for the sole use of the registered student. Sharing of Distance Cert IBET training materials with others or posting online is strictly prohibited. 

All material remains the intellectual property of its creator. 

Material and Work Produced By Student:

You retain any and all rights to your work.

Your Agreement:

By enrolling on this course, you agree with the above.

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