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What is the Cert IBET?

The  Certificate in International Business English (Cert IBET) is an internationally recognised qualification. It was created and developed in partnership by English UK and Language Cert well over a decade ago. The are responsible for accrediting providers like TDCI and for assessing and awarding the certificate to participants. To quote directly from English UK:

"It aims to enhance the skills, expertise and competitiveness of Business English trainers. It is also designed to increase their employability and improve their ability to deliver a quality product to this very specialised group of clients."

The Cert IBET can be completed through a number of different routes, full- or part-time in-person courses, blended offerings and - in our case - by self-directed, distance learning.

Through our model, you will study bite-sized chunks of training content plus complete a range of tasks before moving on to your final assignment. We support you to complete the assessed assignment which ultimately leads to you being awarded the Cert IBET. You can read about the assessment here.

Your registration is valid for two years in which time you must complete all modules and assessed assignment.

You must complete your final assessed assignment within 12 weeks of completing the final course units.


Ben and Michelle have taught business English in different contexts for a combined period of 45 years. They bring a wealth of experience and insight to the course, while remaining open to new perspectives and fresh ideas.

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