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Certificate in Teaching Mediation Skills

Certificate in Teaching Mediation Skills

Mediation is about a neutral third party using general and specific communication techniques in order to assist others to resolve a destructive conflict or help them to negotiate. Mediation can be treated as another business function by Business English teachers and has the potential for great, engaging and useful tasks in the training room.

Learning Hours

4 hours.

Course Objectives

1. To understand the concept and purpose of mediation.
2. To know the stages of mediation.
3. To know a range of linguistic tools specifically for mediation.
4. To be able to use roleplays and simulations in training mediation.
5. To be able to train mediation skills and mediation as a business function.

Who Should Study the Certificate in Teaching Mediation Skills?

The course will appeal to Business English trainers who are interested in training their course participants in mediation as a business function.

Course Content

The course has the following content:
• Understanding mediation
• What makes a suitable mediator?
• Ground rules for mediation
• The mediation process
• Why train mediation in the language classroom?
• Running a mediation session
• Vocabulary and lexis for mediation
• Mediation tools
• Teaching mediation through roleplays and simulations
• Texts, Video and Audio for Mediation


The course is assessed by a short assignment involving application of the concepts in the training course.


£59 (GBP) / €69 (EUR) including course materials, assessment and certification.

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