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Certificate in Training Innovation

Certificate in Training Innovation

Innovation is a critical success factors for modern organisations. As such, it is a subject that our course participants on language courses will need to be able to discuss as well as a great theme for participants on higher level courses. This self-directed course will provide teachers and trainers with ideas and concepts needed for effectively training innovation and using innovation tools as language training tasks.

Learning Hours

6 hours.

Course Objectives

1. To understand the meaning of innovation and what it involves.
2. To consider opportunities and barriers to innovation in organisations.
3. To know a range of innovation tools and frameworks including the innovation canvas and SCAMPER framework.
4. To understand the benefits of innovation to organisations.
5. To be able to train innovation as a direct subject or as a theme or carrier for language in Business English training contexts.

Who Should Study the Certificate in Training Innovation?

The course will appeal to Business English trainers who wish to learn more about innovation and innovation tools for use in training as a carrier for language in the form of training tasks or as a subject area.

Course Content

The course has the following content:
• Innovation, invention, exnovation and overengineering
• Techniques for training innovation and why it should be trained
• The benefits of innovation and competences needed for it
• Opportunities for innovation and barriers
• Measuring innovation and KPIs
• The innovation canvas
• The SCAMPER technique
• Controlled discussions and brainstorming tasks
• Using case studies in training innovation
• Innovation and proposal writing


The course is assessed by a short assignment involving preparation of a training session focusing on the theme of innovation.


£69 (GBP) / €79 (EUR) including course materials, assessment and certification.

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