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Proposal Writing for Freelance Trainers

Proposal Writing for Freelance Trainers

Writing and submitting proposals to actual and prospective clients is an essential part of a freelance trainer's role. This self-directed course will provide practising or aspiring freelance trainers with all the ideas they need to write influential and impactful proposals.

Learning Hours

4 hours.

Course Objectives

1. To understand what a training proposal is and its purpose and sections and to stand the best chance of having your proposal accepted by a client.
2. To be able to title courses and write introductions to outline the overall course goal.
3. To know how to set and state courses objectives and / or outcomes.
4. To be able to explain who should attend a course, the level of the course, the methodology to be employed and how the course will be assessed.
5. To be able to form schedules and outline programme content.

Who Should Study this Course?

This course will be of interest to any trainer considering making the move into being a freelancer or any freelance trainer who struggles with the proposal writing required by their work.

Course Content

The course has the following content:
● What a proposal is, who might request a proposal and branding the proposal
● Titling the course and writing the introduction
● Listing objectives and outcomes
● Stating who should attend
● Talking about the level of the course and describing your methodology
● Creating a schedule and programme / course content
● Talking about assessment
● Writing your trainer biography
● Setting fees
● USPs, USOs and getting your proposal accepted


The course is assessed by a short assignment involving preparation of one or more proposals and the rationale behind them.


£59 (GBP) / €69 (EUR) including course materials, assessment and certification.

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