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IATEFL BESIG Pre-Conference Event

Harrogate, 17th April, 2023

IATEFL BESIG Pre-Conference Event

This year's IATEFL BESIG pre-conference event (PCE) was well attended. Michelle was invited to facilitate the group activity at the end of the day's session. THe overall theme was around peer collaboration

Kirsten Waecthter warmed us all up with a speed-dating style task to explore how to maximise learners' attention spans.

Kasia Warszynska talked about Teamwork and Phrasal verbs by way of a class project she had successfully run. Jo Szoke shwoed how to leverage Peer Feedback Loops. Ellen Keates share her English for the Construction Industry story, focusing on a progress test she developed. Silke Riegler talked about how she set up an international online project with a colleague in Taiwan. Shweta Paropkari shared an assessment tool she developed using a Mock Product Launch activity with her BE learners. Birte Horn ran through the good old SWOT tool that she's used to help her learners discover their transferable skills. Bethan Gagnol took us through the BEst of BEst Roleplays for Meetings.

Michelle wrapped up the day by facilitating an collaborative peer exchange activity from which everyone was able to formulate what the takeaway from the day's mini-presentations was.

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