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Saturday, 26th August 2023


Ben & Michelle were invited to host one of BESIG's regular weekend workshops. We focused on what factors are critical for a business English trainer's success.

This interactive workshop discussed what essential factors Business English trainers need to be mindful of if they are to succeed and progress in their field. We took a “5 Cs” approach – certifications, credibility, clients, challenges and cash – each of which was discussed and evaluated in turn.

Firstly, we discussed what certifications are available for both trainers and students and the relative benefits and detriments of differing methods of delivery. Secondly, we talked about how a trainer can promote themselves and be credible in the market. Thirdly, we moved on to consider the issue of clients, the forms clients might take (direct client, trainer as contractor, or freelancer) and how these can be found and converted to business. Fourthly, we talked about challenges we might face linked to training and the running of our own business units. Finally, we touched on the issue of payments, fees and finances.

During the session, attendees were encouraged to share their thoughts and experiences as well as to take part in numerous discussions and tasks.

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