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BESIG 2023 Annual Conference - Ben's Thoughts on Konstantin Mikaberidze's Talk on Media Training

This was one of those conference talks in which you are so engrossed by the speaker and their content that your notes (or in this case, your company blog) end up being neglected.

This was easily THE standout talk of the conference for me that resonated with me on the professional level with truly innovative, applied and practical ideas while engaging me with the speaker's style and approach. This was all the more impressive when Konstantin revealed this was his first conference talk.

Konstantin defined "media training" which, ostensibly, relates to public speaking and self-presentation skills required for media appearances that appear credible and competent - we need to think about situations that c-suite leaders will find themselves in such as public apologies, statements and TV interviews.

Konstantin showcased work produced by his students in circumstances such as delivering public apologies and more as well as how he achieves this in practical terms. He also showed how he trains prosody by annotating scripts with elements such as word stress, pausing and more.

I challenged Konstantin on one element of his talk when he quoted figures from Albert Mehrabian about how messages are communicated (an example of a theory being shared as remembered in the collective memory rather that as it was) and his response to me was excellent - no hesitation, listening and a clear and positive reaction when he could have easily become flustered. This was clearly a speaker who practises what they preach (unlike many in this business).

I'll greatly look forward to seeing this speaker in future events and would urge anyone and everyone to choose Konstantin's talk next time you see his name on a conference programme.

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