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IATEFL BESIG Weekend Workshop, 26.8.2023

On Saturday 26th August, Ben and Michelle were joined by a group of BE teachers and trainers online, for one of BESIG's renowned weekend workshops. The theme for the afternoon as Critical Success Factors for Business English Trainers.

We talked through 5 points that we believe are important to think about when aspiring to be the best BE trainer you can be - and that means more than being a good trainer! Ben developed a handy model: The 5 Cs of CSFs Model!

As a case study example, we talked about how the Distance Cert IBET programme that we run fulfills the 5 criteria:

The key features of a Cert IBET course are:

A recognised certification

Accredited by English UK and LanguageCert

All the fundamentals that a Business English trainer needs

Development of new knowledge and skills

Currently the only accredited certification programme available

Great understanding of processes such as needs analysis and evaluation

Opportunity to design your own material

Tutorial support

Objective assessment from moderator

A lot of the people who joined in for the webinar were highly experienced fellow BE professionals with whom we were able to share stories and views. It was encouraging to have much of what we practice at TDCI affirmed by our peers.

If you weren't able to attend, feel free to download a handout from the session (with a link to the Jamboard we used in break out chats). If you are a current IATEFL BESIG member, you can watch the recording in the Members' area of the BESIG website. If you're not a member, consider joining - you'll be able to view not only our weekend webinar recording but a multitude of others.

BESIG 2023 (August, online, webinar)_Handout
Download PDF • 1.96MB

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